Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's been so long since I've posted anything, I kinda feel like I've been in hibernation for the past 6-8 mo. I'm not sure if anyone really reads this anymore anyway. But, on the scarce possibility that someone does, and for my own well-being, I'm vowing to start blogging again. There has been much going on in our lives over the past several months. The results from my annual exam came back abnormal, as did the biopsy results from my colposcopy that followed that annual exam. I then was priviliged to have a LEEP done (stands for loop electrode excision procedure), and yes, I'm being a tad sarcastic about the privileged part!! Although scary and unpleasant, the procedure wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. We were hoping to be expecting baby #2 towards the end of this year, but things are on hold at the moment. This, among other issues, has caused a bit of stress at home- so postponing the new baby is definitely a good thing. Or, I should say, a God thing......he has his own plans, and knows what we need and when! There are so many things I don't understand, and so many questions I wish I had the answers for. I am currently working on letting go of a lot of things, and figuring out what I want out of this life! And I've been a bit hermit-ish, and find myself without many friends. So, I'm also working on being a better wife, mother, and friend to the people who are currently in my life, and have chosen to stick by me!! Thank you all for your love and support! And one request, please continue to keep us in your prayers!! God is moving and working in us everyday, and I don't want to miss a thing! Onto the subject of missing things, here are some of my recent fave pics!  Don't worry, there are many more to come. I got my Canon SLR for Christmas, and I'm constantly taking pictures. So, this is a fair warning- prepare yourself for the pics soon to come. Thanks for being interesting in our lives!
                                                     Withers Christmas- Dec 26, '09

We got Avery a swingset for Christmas, but she didn't get to play on it until February! After finally finishing it, getting thru sickness, and bad weather.......
While she was playing, she said "Mommy, I love my new swingset. It's beautiful!" We love watching her play on it, she has a blast!
I love these pics!!! She is too funny, so full of character! I wonder where she gets that from?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!!

Yes, I know she isn't technically a baby anymore. But, she will always be my baby girl! I can't believe how fast time flies, it seems like just yesterday...

Mommy isn't looking too excited! Or it could be the fact that my face was numb from the epidural ( before it stopped working altogether!)

Already attached, should've been a sign of things to come!!!

Under the bili lights- note the blue hue in the pic.

It snowed like it was winter the day after Avery was born ( she was born in April)!

Happy 1st birthday! She wasn't too excited about the whole cake thing.

And here we are... two short years later. We got her a Radio Flyer spring horse for her 2nd birthday. She loves it! The horse makes "horse sounds" when she gets on and rides it . Too cute, we have several pics playing on the horse, I'm sure you will see them soon.

For some reason, I can't remember to rotate the pic before I upload it. Oh well, I still think it's a good pic. Her hair is still pretty red, and getting so long! Remember the almost bald newborn? We are definitely out of that stage. We celebrated Avery's second birthday on Sat, the day before Easter since I was forced, yes forced, to work on Sunday. Joe, Avery, and I ate Easter lunch with the in-laws at my parents house. And Momo even came too! We all got dressed up, gave Avery some presents, and stuffed ourselves!! All in all, a pretty good time! We decided not to have such a big party this year, since at the time, we were planning Dad's surprise party. My mom and I are not the best party planners, didn't have it in us for two in one month! Don't worry, we'll give her something good next year. Not that she will remember anyway.

Anytime the camera comes out, she says "cheese" and smiles as big and wide as she can!

This is her Dora cake, that my mother-in-law made and my bother-in-law decorated it. She was much prettier before Avery ran her fingers over the face! She also had a backpack cake that was really cute but I accidentally deleted the pic.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepare Yourself!!

Ok everyone, I know I'm a little behind. Or maybe a lot!! I have had pics on my camera since Christmas and finally decided it was time to put them on the computer. So prepare yourself, there are a LOT of pics to look at. They are all out of order and date, but I didn't realize it until I was halfway thru, and I was not starting over! It's a bit difficult to get much done with a 2 yr old wanting to be in the middle of everything! Can you believe she's 2?!!! It goes by so fast, it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Well, her bday pics aren't even on here, I didn't want to overwhelm everyone. I will put them up in a few days... or knowing me, a few weeks!! Enjoy! And yes, I know that the last pics are smaller than the others. It's also hard to concentrate with a 2 yr old!!

I love her curls!!!

I know it's hard to see but she put all of her plastic food in the little compartment on the back of the car, said she was going "choppin"! (shopping)

We don't know why, but she almost always puts her sunglasses on upside down- we try to fix them, but she says no, " I do it"!

And, yes, here she is eating the cheetos off the floor! ( and for all those who are wondering, yes, the floor was clean!!!)

These pics are backwards, but she LOVES cheetos!! I told Avery she could have some, so she grabbed the bag, took the clip off, and consequently spilled the entire bag on the kitchen floor.

Avery says "cheese" and smiles really big anytime the camera comes out!

Too bad this is sideways, I think this is the cutest pic! Mimi got her this dress for Christmas, I love it!!!!

How sweet! I am so blessed!!!

Avery loves putting our shoes on and walking around the house, although she rarely makes it very far, very fast.

Avery loves climbing on the couch and propping up on the ottoman, hilarious!

Most of the time when Avery is quiet, she's up to no good! There has been a couple of times where we have found her reading!!!!

It is so much easier to feed her finger food, but we have been trying to teach her to us a spoon and fork. She has gotten so much better at it, this is Avery eating mashed potatoes after church one sunday. Still a little messy though, guess there's no way around it!

Avery absolutely loves chicken mcgnuggets and barbecue sauce from McDonald's. She calls it "chicken and sauce."

Avery loves wearing her boots! And she has a pretty big foot, as you can see. (Joe wears a 15!)

Hanging out with Daddy! She has him wrapped around her finger!

Coloring is one of her favorite activities! You can't let her out of your sight though. I came home from work one day when Daddy was watching her, and there was crayon on the walls, her grocery cart, and her pretty polka dot chair- red crayon to make it worse!!! I think I have washed that chair 3 times in the last several months, not very fun to take apart and put back together!

Note the hair!!

Avery loves her ball pit that she got from Big Momma for Christmas! She will sit in it and zone out on Mickey Mouse! We can't seem to take enough pics of her hair static when she's in it. Too funny! It's kinda hard to see in this picture.

I'm not sure what she's doing in this pic, hope you find it as funny as we do!

Daddy got her dressed one Sunday while I was working, hair and everything. I thought he did a great job!

Helping Daddy put up the Christmas lights! Any excuse to be outside.

Playing with Popa in the leaves!! Avery had a big time!!

Mimi and BB made Avery and I matching towel wraps for Christmas, very cute! These are the best pics I have gotten so far.

Christmas at Popa and Mimi's. Avery got several pairs of clothes, everytime she would open a box, she would hold every piece of clothing up under her chin like this!

Avery loves her puppy dog, she tried to take her cousins at a Christmas several weeks before, and that didn't go over well when Grace wouldn't let Avery have it. So, Popa and Mimi decided that she needed one of her own.

Avery carries around her Hello Kitty backpack with her toys and little stuffed animals (her babies) in it!

She was told several times not to push the buttons... see how well she listens?!

Avery loved helping everyone open their presents, but wasn't as interested in her own!
I know it's not a very good pic, but the tutu and boot houseshoes was adorable! She had on a hat and boa at one time, but we couldn't get her to keep it on!

Walking around in Daddy's shoes!

I got distracted by Avery playing with packing tape and rubber bands when I was trying to work on this post. I accidentally hit the publish button before I was finished, so I apologize ahead of time if all of these pics are on there twice!!